13 December 2018

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n the 5th of August 2018, North Lombok and the Gili’s suffered a 6.9 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake destroyed many of our staff’s homes in Lombok and killed some of their family members. It was a very distressing time and caused a lot of trauma for many of our staff. We put a plea out for donations to help rebuild their lives and were blown away by what we received. Your generosity and kind hearts made 13 new homes.

We would like to say a huge thank you!

Some of our staff lost everything after the earthquake and your help gave them hope and light.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to:

  • Jungmo Koo
  • Sungha Ji
  • Jongwon Lee
  • Taehyung Park
  • Intaek Yoon
  • Imo Jung
  • Naegwon Jung
  • Byungtak Park
  • Inchan Park
  • Hanseok Kim
  • Inkoo Kang
  • Seunggyup Kim
  • Yongshik Byun
  • Yunhee Lee
  • Yong Nam
  • Yangkyoo Lee
  • Youngchan Kim
  • Hayjeong Yoon
  • Eunyoung Lee
  • RF-semi Technologies, Inc.
  • Ikewoo Lee
  • Sungmi Kim
  • Chanwoo Lee
  • Gundong Park
  • Youngeun Kim
  • Kyungeun Kim
  • Misook Park
  • Sunsook Cho
  • Johan Yang

Gili Trawangan is safe, please visit us again

In an effort to show a gesture of gratitude, Villa Nero would like to offer a complimentary 3 free night stay for all of you who have donated.

With lots and lots of love, from all of us at Villa Nero!

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